Strange Days – Day 21

Here in Thornesworld it’s day 21 of our social distancing.  We’re pretty isolated out here, anyway.  I generally prefer the sounds of the breeze through the cottonwoods and the nighttime coyote songs to the noises of traffic and people, anyway, so this isn’t too hard on me.  My grandhumans are mostly happy and my daughter, only child that she is, is also pretty much cruising through this quarantine.

She made this great shirt with her cricut and the looks she gets, on her rare necessary trips out for essentials, are priceless. We live in a really small town out here in the desert, and although California may be liberal and blue overall, the red and orange out here are really rolling with parties at the local Cafe 247, strange conspiracy theories, and fear of martial law. (How do those things even coexist in a mind? Disbelief in Covid-19 and government suppression of your rights?  I’m soooo confused.)

We’ve implemented a few changes to our usual procedures.  This is our unboxing area.  We unload groceries and open shipments out here. We disinfect  more often, but our hand washing is already at the top of the game, since we’re always careful not to carry any flu or colds over to my little mommy next door, who is bed bound with COPD and a host of other medical issues.


We’re also cutting up flannel scraps for “family cloth” (if the TP runs out) and for hand towels, so we each have our own. The  grands have been helping.  Learning to iron and cut with  the electric scissors.  And even though we’re not being too picky about our cloths being square, they’re also learning to use a cutting mat to measure and cut straight lines.  All valuable skills.  Along with their home studies, they’re learning more about measuring and mixing for baking and cooking, and of course they’re being little wild humans playing and running amok in the yard. We’ve made them a shared bed for ongoing living room campout nights to help them both feel safer and more secure.  These are tough times for our littles, please remember.  They absorb more than you think. And yes, although it’s important to keep a sort of loose schedule that they can count on, here in Thornesworld their Momma and I believe that some accommodation to tender little psyches must be made and they’re happier sleeping closer to us.

Of course, we’re keeping the magick flowing and sending out health and safety to all of you.

My seed order came, and I’m getting ready to start seedlings.  I think we’re done with freezing nights, so I’ve set up a fun little seed starting area on my patio.


I have some warming pads I can put beneath the seedling trays if the temperature makes an unexpected drop, but I think we’ll be good.

I made an order of mask making fabrics and it shipped today, so I’ll be setting up a sewing area and making masks for us and our nurses that come care for mom.  We’ll see how many more I can make to donate.  That’s pretty much it from Thornesworld.  Long days and pleasant nights, my friends.



Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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