Walking Under Ladders, or: 13 Daily Practices of a Practical Witch

Here we go with another round of 13’s. I love the number because of its associations with bad luck and other foolish superstition. There are big differences between traditional ways of the wise that have been passed down through the generations and plain old superstition. Many folks who consider themselves of one or another mainstream religion, as well as many pagans fall into believing more in superstition than magick. It always kinda cracks me up. Hence my love of 13s, black cats and walking under ladders. In my ongoing efforts to share more of me here with you, I present:

Walking Under Ladders, or: 13 Daily Practices of a Practical Witch


1) Make my bed.

That’s right. Seems like a pretty mundane act, doesn’t it? I can almost hear ya’ll now “What in Hades does bed making have to do with magick?” Well, for this ol’ witch it’s a magickal act that works to manifest in my life on several levels.

It serves as a mini meditation. It’s the time when I put the dreams and visions of the night in their various places. Some might go into a mental file to be considered later in depth, others tossed out as psychological waste products, others might need to go in my write about or research this mental files. It sets me to start my day fully present in today. Puts a firm close on yesterday. I know that when I finish my day, I’ll be coming to a clean, neat space in which to be for my evening of relaxation, reading, love and ultimately sleep.

2) Bathe

For me this is usually a soak in a tub full of hot water, often scented with aromatherapy oils. It is a time to rejuvenate my body as well as cleanse it. A time to meditate and sometimes plan my day.

3) Take care of and connect with my animals.

We have the sacred responsibility of sharing our home and lives with 3 dogs, 4 cats, a Red Lored Amazon parrot and an outside Lion Head bunny with chickens and more bunnies and other livestock soon to come. Mornings as I feed them and change their water, I talk to them and send them my thoughts of love. Although I do this throughout the day, this morning connection is important. It grounds and centers me. It reminds me of my place in the world and my connection to all living things.

4) Greet my beloved dead and my ancestors.

Make sure candles are burning on appropriate altars, like my Ancestor Altar, as well as any other purpose altars, rituals or spells I may have burning. Make sure the dead have fresh water and salt. This is important to my daily life. It helps me feel connected to the love and wisdom of those who have gone before me; both those I never knew and the many loves I have lost in this life.

5) Clean house.

I won’t enumerate each aspect of housecleaning, I’ll just say that I do everything with purpose and focused will. Laundry is a special and meditative time for me and if I am sweeping, I’m sweeping the room in a counter-clockwise or banishing direction and I’m sweeping out more than what is visible to the eye. If I’m dusting or polishing or cleaning the kitchen, I wipe first widdershins to banish, then sunwise to bring in health and light and love. It’s especially important to pay attention to corners where negative energy can collect. I wish I lived in a round house with round rooms. Hee hee!

6) Meditation

My daily meditations are varied and eclectic, just like me, but they happen every day in one form or another. A simple repetitive act like washing dishes can be a deep meditation if one performs it with presence of mind and practices staying in the moment.. Some days I find myself performing Thelemic Adorations, others I gaze into a crystal or the flames in our fireplace, or weather permitting, a cactus flower or other living element. Some days I feel the need for a more obvious and conscious direction or insight and I’ll pull one of any number of different tarot or meditation cards and meditate upon the message therein. Some days I simply seek the silence of an uncluttered mind.

7) Pray.

Think witches don’t pray? Hehe. Call it by what name you will. I once heard it said that “Prayer is talking to God; meditation is listening. I talk to my Goddesses, my Gods, the Universe, my Higher Self… daily. I ask for peace. I ask that those who hunger be fed. That those who suffer be comforted. I ask for guidance and for the ability to discern my True Will. (It is always my purpose to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable)

8) Take creative action.

Magickally I feel it’s important to create every day. Whether I’m writing for one of my blogs, be it serious stuff or a little foolishness; working on one of my novels or even a bit of poetry, or crafting something for personal use or to sell; even designing and implementing a DIY project for my home. The magickal aspects of the creative process keep magick alive in me and my life.

9) Learn something new every day.

So easy to do, especially with the resources of the internet at our fingertips. It’s so comfortable to stay within our spheres of understanding; to sit in righteous surety of what we believe we know. People and ideas will always surprise us if we open our minds and give them a chance.

10) Practice gratitude.

There is nothing worse than a whiny witch. Well, than a whiner; period. ‘Nuff said.

11) Be aware of my self image and pay attention to my language.

Words are powerful. Am I speaking my truth? Am I using my words to manifest the positive reality in which I choose to live, or are my words full of fear and negativity? Our language carries our message into a Universe that says, YES! It says yes to our bad ideas as readily as it says yes to our good ones. I touch on this a bit more in depth in my post on 13 Ways to Manifest Abundance

12) Practice self awareness and personal responsibility.

No excuses. Pay attention to myself, spend some time looking at me. At or near the end of each day, I look back over my day. Did I do another harm? Did I neglect to tell someone I love them? Was I self centered and self absorbed or did I make the effort to be a part of the world? Was I stingy with compliments? If I was, it was most likely to my family, so I can usually make amends right away. If it was in the world or to another I make a note to address the situation and right the wrong. If I’m given an understanding of a past wrong I can’t make right, I can always take a moment to light a candle, or pray, or simply send my good wishes and love out to that person and then sleep with a clear mind and a full heart.

13) Play!

That’s right- all work and no play makes Thorne a dull grrrl. It’s important for my spirit that I find some time to treat myself to playfulness and a childlike attitude of wonder and joy and freedom. My two granddaughters are great for me that way, they keep me feeling playful. Giggles are good! Hey, it ain’t easy being a witch! But it’s my path and I embrace it in perfect love and perfect trust.



Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


*I don’t do affiliate links, so any links you find here in my blog will take you to my own hand crafted products/items. Please visit the shop to view my hand crafted items.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


*I don’t do affiliate links, so any links you find here in my blog will take you to my own hand crafted products/items. Please visit the shop to view my hand crafted items.

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