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Tarot Tuesday – Creative Generosity

For my inaugural Tarot Tuesday reading and post, I thought I’d use my first and longest running favorite, all purpose deck. (Well, I admittedly began with the classic Rider-Waite deck back in the seventies.  It was the one that young … Continue reading

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Fall Housecleaning, The Witchy Way

Here in Thornesworld I’m not all that hot on Spring Cleaning.  In the spring I’m just too busy getting outdoors in the garden to really clean house. I know, I know. Spring cleaning began as the way to clean out … Continue reading

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Magickal Living – A Little of This and a Pinch of That

Anybody need a little desert love? I’ve been hearing whispers (and moans and groans), all over the place today.  And no, I’m not talking about politics and awful people; we all know that’s the usual mess.  I’m talking about energy … Continue reading

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