To Heal a Broken Heart

Here in Thornesworld, magickal living (or living a magickal lifestyle), encompasses a wide range of beliefs and actions. It spans everything from cleaning to cooking, from breathing to bathing and in actuality from waking to sleeping and everything in between.  I’ll be talking more about that in times to come, but today I want to tell you a little about following my intuition.  About following my magickal muse as it relates to crafting items for my store.

It’s important to me on a spiritual level that my store reflect my core values. What that means to me is that I’ll never offer you magickal items or tools that I don’t believe in, and I’ll never craft magickal items, components or tools that I’m not fully, magically invested in.  When you shop Thornesworld Arts and read “ritually crafted and enchanted”, I want you to know that’s something you can trust.

So, yesterday I was crafting a little custom item for a regular client and she asked why I hadn’t already made her request and offered it.  Well, the truth was that I’d just been on fire crafting too many other magickal items to get around to it.  But after I crafted her order, I was pretty much in my crafting groove, so I decided to make some more and offer them. (I’m not trying to be mysterious here.  The item in question was Red Brick Dust Charms, similar to my Witches’ Salt Charms).

Anyway, I was going with the flow and for some reason my heart and mind kept returning to the love of my life, who passed from this world in 1998. Maybe it was that he loved my witchery and my crafting, that I kept seeing his sweet smile as I worked, and paging through happy memories. I wasn’t really sad, and although I’ll admit that even 20 years later I still go through periods of deep grieving; yesterday wasn’t one of those.

So I had my little bottles out (the extra tiny ones, small enough for a charm bracelet), and my various magickal powders, put on some love songs because that was my mood, started up a charcoal disc with a sprinkle of my Powerful Magick incense and just like that I knew I wasn’t making Red Brick Dust Charms.

I got up and grabbed some Honey Locust Thorns and some magickal oils (yes, I use Magickal Blend of Nine magical oils in much of my work.  They’re amazing and formulated by a witch I’ve known for over 25 years.  I was there during the creation of the recipes and assisted every step of the way, and still help pour and bottle them), and what tools I needed…

And I crafted these.  These tiny charms to heal and protect a broken heart. Because broken hearts need time to heal, and need protection while they do. Check my shop above to get one for yourself.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


*I don’t do affiliate links, so any links you find here in my blog will take you to my own hand crafted products/items. Please visit the shop to view my hand crafted items.

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