T-Shirt Diaper Tutorial

Flannel Diaper with VelcroI’ve been making cloth diapers for my youngest granddaughter since she was newly born.  My daughter wanted to cloth diaper both to save money and the environment and it became my job to research and create.  There are a whole lot of diapers one can purchase in a wide array of styles and costs, but we decided I’d use some of the fabric I already had along with purchasing some of the excellent new absorbent and wicking fabrics.  (We’ll cover covers in another post.)

This first photo was made using flannel with ZORB and terry in the soaker area, with Velcro closures.  It was serviceable and sweet looking, but the velcro grabs so much lint in the wash we ended up being slightly unhappy with it.

IMG_5677We continued with flannel for awhile, adding a layer of no pill fleece inside to help wick moisture away from baby’s skin and experimenting with absorbent materials for the inner soaker pad.

We tried French Terry, Organic Cotton and Hemp and I improved on the shape of the pattern a bit.  We got rid of the velcro, and switched to using Snappis, which are our Go-To to this day.

After much experimentation with pocket style and AOI patterns (which are a huge pain to stitch- not worth the time and trouble to this Grandma, as my daughter isn’t having any more kids), we’ve settled on our very favorite which is incredibly inexpensive to make, and feels soft and fluffy without being too bulky as well as looking as cute as whatever T-Shirt you start with.  And here it is, The Upcycled Fitted T-Shirt Diaper!

corsetTdipe1 corsetTdipe2IMG_6903IMG_6905


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