Red Brick Dust


This is .5 ounce of ritually crafted Red Brick Dust.


.5 ounce of Ritually Created Red Brick Dust

On Red Brick Dust: Red Brick Dust has a history that is very, VERY old. About 32,000 years old, actually. The use of Red Brick in magick and protection comes from the sacred mineral that we’d call red ocher. It is believed that the use of red colored powders and minerals originates back to ancient man’s use of red ocher as a sacred and protective colorant.

Red Brick Dust continues this tradition and it is added to powders and mojos for protective purposes and is a modern substitute for henna powder, ground hematite, red iron oxide powder, red ocher and of course, blood.

Red Brick Dust is made from clay brick that has been pulverized into dust and ritually prepared. It is used for consecration, protection, prosperity, money and luck.

To “Redden” your Red Brick Dust, mix a small amount with vinegar, your own urine or ammonia and wash your stoops, porches or thresholds. Alternately, you may wash your stoops or thresholds with any of the above solutions and then sprinkle a thin line of Red Brick Dust on the still wet thresholds of your home or business.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × .25 in


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