Magickal Spell Kit – Simple Candle Burning


These Simple Candle Burning Spell Kits contain all the materials to cast your will into the universe along with easy to follow instructions.


These Simple Candle Burning Spell Kits contain all the materials to cast your will into the universe along with easy to follow instructions.

*Note the second photo which shows the new, larger and longer burning spell candle. (I haven’t had time to take all new photos).

Each kit includes a colored 4 hour household candle, incense and semi precious stone intended to direct and amplify the energies of your need/desire. Also included is a 100% Natural, 2 Dram bottle of ritually made and hand poured Magickal Blend of Nine magickal purpose oil, made with the finest food and medicinal grade herbs and essential oils.

Choose from the following list, or look through our full list of magickal oils to request a custom kit.

ATTRACTION: Powerfully attract your heart’s desires be they spiritual or material. Customize this spell with astrological or elemental aspect oils to attract with pin-point accuracy.

AURA CLEANSE: Purify your aura from the stressors of everyday life and interactions with others. This oil can also be used in the bath prior to performing ritual and spell work.

BANISHING: Used to eliminate all bad spirit entities or negative energies from a person, place, or thing. Can also be used to banish someone from your life, which is not usually a good idea. Use with CAUTION in the latter case.

BLESSING: Consecrate and bless your space, ritual tools or others. Use this spell with our astrological or elemental aspect oils to customize for birthdays and other ceremonies and celebrations.

FAST LUCK: Bring immediate luck into any situation life throws your way, especially useful for monetary issues.

FERTILITY: Increases physical or mental fertility. Causes things to grow, be they babies, ideas, plans, or investments.

GOOD LIFE: For good luck in love, life and money. Used for happiness, well-being, love, prosperity, and an abundance of all things good.

HEALING: Improve your physical and mental health and well being.

HEX BREAKER: Break hexes, jinxes, spells, curses, etc.

LOVE DRAWING: Attract a new love, or increase/strengthen an existing bond.

LUCKY GAMBLER: Specifically used by gamblers to bring good luck and prosperity to their gambling or gaming. Especially good when trying to come off of a slump or run of bad /no luck.

LUST: Arouse the sexual appetite of one or many, or increase the level of lust and passion in an existing relationship.

MAGICKAL POWER: Increase the power and effectiveness of any candle magick or other spell work.

MARRY ME: Used when you would like a reluctant lover to “pop the question” so to speak. Especially good when the relationship has been a lasting one, where marriage has been contemplated or discussed.

MONEY DRAWING: Attract money, improve business, and increase cash flow NOW, not necessarily from your vocation.

PEACE & HARMONY: Bring peace, harmony, and tranquility to any person, place, relationship or situation.

PERFECT MATE: Used when you wish to attract the person most suited to be your ideal mate.

PROSPERITY: Increase the overall prosperity of a person, family, place or thing. Not necessarily a money draw spell, it will also bring the happiness and self-satisfaction that go with prosperity.

PROTECTION: Used to provide physical and psychic protection in all situations.

REVERSING: Used when you wish to reverse a situation, or when you wish to send negative influences, energies or magick back to wherever they came from. Works very well when magick is involved.

SET ME FREE: Release yourself from any situation or circumstance, bring release from grief, bad dreams, stress, anger (or any unwanted emotion), especially good for bringing final closure to a relationship.

SUCCESS: Bring success to any person, project, endeavor, or other situation where extra help is needed.

UNCROSSING: Break any hex, jinx, spell or curse and send it back to its original sender.

WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE: Increase your mental ability, wisdom, and knowledge.

*Individual Simple Spell Kit may vary from photos above depending on purpose of spell and available materials at your time of purchase.

** Please note that our oils are magickal purpose oils used to anoint candles, writs, tools etc. in the practice of ritual magick. They are not perfume oils and are not sold as such. They are all formulated for a specific magickal purpose. They are not formulated to smell good. Some do – some don’t. We are more concerned in the effectiveness of our oils for spellwork.

Pursuant to the current United States Postal Service regulations and other State and Federal laws, we at Thornesworld are unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness of either the magickal or medicinal efficacy of any of our products. Ingredients were chosen based upon legendary uses of them by many sources and are presented as such: folklore and legend. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are “Sold as Curios Only”.


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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Spell Purpose

Attraction, Aura Cleanse, Banishing, Blessing, Fast Luck, Fertility, Good Life, Healing, Hex Breaker, Love Drawing, Lucky Gambler, Lust, Magickal Power, Marry Me, Money Drawing, Peace & Harmony, Perfect Mate, Prosperity, Protection, Reversing, Set Me Free, Success, Uncrossing, Wisdom & Knowledge


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