Cascarilla Powder Egg Shell Powder


This is .75 ounce of ritually crafted Cascarilla, or Egg Shell powder


Egg Shells in blenderThis is .75 ounce of ritually crafted Cascarilla, or Egg Shell powder. (Yes, I’m a modern witch. I start with the blender and then move to mortar and pestle.) It’s made from the egg shells of happy, cage free and organically raised and fed chickens.

Some of its many uses include cleaning/cleansing magick. Just dust your hands with it, like you’d use use gym chalk. You can also place a pinch in your hand and blow it over the space you are cleaning, or dust ritual tools with it using a feather or small brush.

Additionally, cascarilla powder can be used in protection magick, and can be completely invisible. Take some cascarilla powder on your finger and draw a sigil with it on whatever you want to protect. When doing a candle protection spell you can anoint the candle with the cascarilla powder or draw a rune with it.

Sprinkle it in front of every entry into your house, windowsills, doorways, fireplace. Cascarilla, unlike Red Brick Dust or Black Salt, is nearly invisible or will be ignored as “dust”, when sprinkled at your place of work.

Add to a protection sachet or charm bag or bottle. Sprinkle it in your car, purse, wallet, or carry a small bag/bottle in your pocket.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × .25 in


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