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Do you follow your intuition?  It can be hard to do sometimes, am I right?  Learning to distinguish worry, for instance, from actual intuition.  Learning to discern between desire and will.  Tough stuff.

The hardest part, I think, is quieting the restless scanning of our conscious minds.  “What shall I make for dinner?  The Calendula flowers need topped.  I think there’s a pack rat in the root cellar-  better get a trap down there.  And on and on…” I have to make a concerted effort to quiet my mind.  To bring the conscious chatter down to a background hum, so I can hear.  So I can be present in both my exterior and interior lives.  So, I listen.  I move with the flow of my connection most days, but I still get tripped up from time to time by my fears and hopes.  It’s so easy to mistake those for intuition.

But what do you do when a creative or craft or ritual idea pops into your head, seemingly apropos of nothing?

“I should burn some frankincense and Myrrh.” Do you jump up or stop what you’re doing and go scoop some onto a charcoal or grind and mix it in your mortar and pestle, or do you plan to get around to it and then maybe forget?  I think we all probably do some of both, listening to and acting upon as well as ignoring or procrastinating our intuitions.

Sometimes events occur after we followed our intuition (or didn’t) that show us that our glimpse of foresight was right.  Sometimes our action may forestall or clear the path ahead and we never know what might have been.

Here’s what I know.  I know that the more tuned in I am, the more I live my magick; the more magick is woven into every thread of my life; the clearer my insight and intuition are. The closer I am to the energies of life and death, the elements and spirits and gods and nature… the more likely I am to get clear intuitions and insights and even foresight.

Last week I was taking stock of the magickal items, spell kits, candles, charms and talismans that I craft for the store.  I was making a little list of the crafting I wanted to do during the dark of the moon and I heard these words clearly,

Fuck Off!.


Just leave me alone.  Go away.

So I just knew that I needed to craft a “Fuck Off” candle.  For someone.  Who?  Don’t know.  When do they need it?  I don’t know. But as the moon continued to wane, that need to craft it came back again and again, blooming in my mind like a dark flower, and knew I had to make it this dark moon and that it needed to be some serious, strong magick.

As I began my crafting ritual, first at my altar and then moving into my Witchcraftery to assemble the various ingredients for the workings I intended I was in my magickal  head/heart space to intuit the ingredients I’d want for the work, and especially for the Fuck Off candle spell. My regular spell candle work is literally second nature, but this one called for something special. As I danced around the Witchcraftery, the components just seemed to fall into my hand.  First, I pricked my finger on a cactus spine cluster that had somehow escaped it’s container to fall upon my table.  A little blood for the cause.  Okay. Hmmm… Then I was shuffling items on the shelf above the altar looking for matches when I saw the True Need oil that I’d crafted with my daughter and heart sister some 16 years ago, and knew that this rarely used, powerful oil belonged in this working.

As I crafted the first 3 candles, (2 Uncrossing and a Protect, Reflect and Return), the rest of the components for the Fuck Off candle made themselves known to me, and information flowed during the semi tranced state I often enter during spell work. There came a strong feminine vibe from the one who needs the spell.  Definitely someone being harassed and stalked by a violent (or potentially violent) abuser.

Being that protective Crone that I am (yes, more dangerous even than a protective Mother), the working was completed with a dash of protection and topped off with a sprinkle of rage.

The main work is done.  The spell is crafted and the candle is charging on my altar.  Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope you find this spell candle I made for you, and I wish you freedom from your pursuer and health, safety, healing and happiness.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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