Tarot Tuesday – Health & Balance

Today’s pull is from one of my favorite decks when I’m feeling like tapping into archetypal energies for some deep truths.  This is the Motherpeace Tarot by Vicky Noble and its theme is A way to the Goddess through myth, art and tarot.  It’s really a fun deck with bright colors, archetypal imagery, and the round shape of the cards.

Our card is the Priestess (Queen in traditional decks) of Discs (pentacles). Since she came out pointing almost perfectly upright, we know that her message for us is clear and pretty straightforward.

See how this queen sits, so at ease and in perfect balance with her world?  She eats well of the food she has grown and gathered and feeds her children both from her own body and from the body of the mother.  She works when it’s time to work, rests when it’s time to rest and plays in the play times, as well.

These days we hear a lot about practicing self care, but the Priestess of Discs knows that all of these are acts of self care and together create a balanced and healthy life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our job, for instance, that when it’s time for play or rest, the job seems to seep into them, disturbing our rest and interrupting our play.  Or we allow stressed out to become a state of being, coloring everything we do.  Or we hurry from one task to the next and forget to eat or drink until our body screams for sustenance and energy then we grab anything, even if it’s garbage that our bodies don’t really need.

Slow down. Pay attention to your body’s needs. Leave your job at the office, or your desktop or work table. Bring your full mind and spirit to your rest and your play. Pay attention to your thoughts. Be in the moment you’re in.

So this week your focus is balance and harmony between your various activities.  Work, movement, rest, nourishment, meditation, dreaming and play.  Don’t forget to play!  If you can really tap into what this sort of balance feels like it will become second nature to you and you will find yourself less stressed  and moving in harmony with your world.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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