Tarot Tuesday- Dark Moon Edition

Will you walk under the starred velvet sky tonight, dazzled by the bright diamond cut outs revealed by the darkness bereft of moonlight?

I got a new tarot deck last week.  It’s stunning. Inspired and inspiring.  Magick.

It came in the mail on Friday and I spent the weekend sleeping with it on my headboard  and familiarizing myself with its very unique vibe. I saved its inaugural draw for you.  For Dark Moon.

It’s the ShadowLight Tarot, by Eric Tecce and you can find it on instagram, @shadowlighttarot, should you find yourself as drawn to it as I was and am. (This isn’t an advertisement or promotion, per se; I occasionally share products and services of which I’m particularly enamored.  This is one of those.)

While shuffling the 10 of cups jumped out or the deck and landed in my lap.  I set it aside to consider whether it was relevant or not (slippery new decks make for a lot of these sorts of oracular presentations, so it may or may not be relevant-  that’s for the reader to determine).

The draw is The Tower, in all of its wild destructive glory. To gaze upon it is to feel the earth tremble beneath your feet while the wind howls around you and lightning strikes its refraction into your eyes. Will you fall?  Will you topple from the top of the tower that no longer serves you to land beside the ruins?  Or do you stand beside your tower knowing its time has come, braving the storm and ready to renew yourself and rebuild with new and better tools?

Either way, The Tower speaks of the collapse of important aspects of your life.  It may be occurring on any plane, finances and career, love or friendship, the terrors of the world… But during this Dark Moon, when we turn within to greet our shadow, my heart tells me these are interior crashes for many of you.  Illusions you’ve held, even nurtured about yourself or others have been brought into the cold light of the stars and revealed to you.  Truths you’ve ignored or hidden suddenly shine brightly.

However it comes to you, it feels like the end of the world.  You fear it’s more than you can take, just that one thing too much.

It’s not.  We survive these catastrophic collapses with intuition and fortitude.  Now is the time to look carefully at what brought about this collapse.  Often it’s not of our own making in the whole, but if we seek intuitively we can find the part we have played and see the necessity of the destruction. And through this insight we can see where and how to heal, to rebuild.

And here.  The 10 of Cups did come to offer comfort in this difficult time.  To remind that we are grateful for our learning, our lessons. Of wholeness and fulfillment. That the work pays off.  That brighter days are coming as a direct result of the storms we weather.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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