Tarot Tuesday – Six of Cups – Remembrance

Keyword: Remembrance

Focus: And still we remember.I know that there are a lot of you who find the holidays to be, in the least, intermingled with sadness and grief and at worst, nearly intolerable. Every celebration marks a time of missing our loved ones who have passed on or that we’re estranged from, but none more than the winter holidays.

Continuing along the path of yesterday’s card we find ourselves remembering people and times past.  Sometimes our vision is clouded and other times it’s clear.  Some memories are painful and others hold us rapt and cozy in their warm embrace. Don’t spend too much time and energy in remembrance of your pain and past sorrow, if you can help it.  Acknowledge it and move on.  Seek those happy memories and remembrances that lift you up, instead, and allow them to fill you with love and light.



  • Shine.
  • Grieve.
  • See.



  • Wallow.
  • Stagnate.
  • Rose glasses.



Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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