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For my inaugural Tarot Tuesday reading and post, I thought I’d use my first and longest running favorite, all purpose deck. (Well, I admittedly began with the classic Rider-Waite deck back in the seventies.  It was the one that young witches and hippies found everywhere.)  But when I came upon this Morgan-Greer deck in the early eighties, something about the colors and shapes spoke to me.  The interesting line weights, the simple designs still full with symbolism, make this deck a very easy read for both beginners and those long familiar with tarot.

The Queen of Pentacles is a lovely card.  She’s a feminine archetype; fecund, creative, nurturing. She cares for her home and those under her dome of protection with beauty and grace.  She loves luxury and the comfort it brings, but is no stranger to manifesting the means to achieve it.  She’s a generous patroness and creative matriarch of her world.  She speaks to us of movement as well as the impulse to make our demesnes as lovely and welcoming as we wish.

It’s a good time to decorate, rearrange and clean & bless your home.  If there are luxury or comfort items you’ve had your eye on, now is the time to get them, if you can afford it.  You may be bursting with ideas for a complete home or room makeover, but keep your budget in mind and don’t overextend.  It’s also a good time to bless others with abundance.  Your generosity is a good impulse right now. If you do redecorate, see if anyone you know loves the pieces you’re done with, or donate them to a halfway house or other charitable organization.  Send a few dollars to your favorite charity, or head over to a crowdfunding site and find someone whose need touches your soul.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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