So You Want To Be A Witch

Okay.  Be a witch.  What kind of witch do you want to be? If you don’t already come from a family tradition of witchcraft, you’re not and can’t be a Fam Trad Witch. One down.

Do you want to be a kitchen witch, a hedge witch, a Gardenerian witch, Dianic witch, hermetic witch, Wiccan, Christian or Satanic Witch?  Are you religious or might you be an atheist witch? Do you jump for joy at the thought of entire pantheons of gods and goddesses to choose from, or simply know that the Christian god is not your god?

Are you drawn to divination?  What kind?  Tarot, runes, stitchomancy, dowsing, reading tea leaves, palmistry, scrying in water or mirrors or flames, lucid dreaming, astral travel?  The list goes on.

Do you want to work with planetary energies, plants and nature and the cycles of the seasons, stones, numbers and sacred geometry, gods and goddesses, angels, demons or other entities? Or…

Do you know?

Do you want to seek both within yourself and without?  Open your heart and mind to study and practice? Discover your True Will? Learn to integrate magick into your very soul until it becomes such a part of your days and nights that your spirit sings with the potential of every atom?

Maybe?  Or does that sound like a lot of work?  Too much effort. Maybe it seems like it might just be fun to be a witch. (It is.) You can just imagine the looks on peoples’ faces when you proclaim “I’m a witch” at cocktail parties or the local dance club or yoga class.  (It get’s old, even without the historical persecution, torture, drownings and stake burnings.) Those Tarot cards will make a helluva party trick, amirite? Maybe a Witch Starter Kit seems more up your curious, trendy alley.

Something with a tarot deck and a wand of appropriated (and commercially over harvested) white sage, a chunk of rose quartz and a selection of Pinrose brand perfume oils.  A commercially viable product in sweet pastels that’s been put together by a corporation to take advantage of your curiosity and ride a witchy trend. (* Edited to add this note from >Pinrose, deciding not to market this kit) You can also find some actual witches that offer Starter Kits, as well.  Witches trying to eke out a living by their magick and jumping to ride the wave of Sephora marketing and witchy outrage.   At least these kits are offered by witches. But still…

Do you want to be a witch? Then be a witch. Learn to be a witch.

Sure, you can start with kits.  I’m not down on kits.  I offer kits, myself.  I’m called to share a bit of my magick with you, in the tradition of wise women down through the ages, who offered their potions and amulets, their charms and foretellings to their neighbors.  I offer mine to you, in my vast global internet neighborhood, and accept your part of our exchange of energy in the form of cash or credit card. From individual small candle magick kits with simple instructions to my Quick Cleanse & Bless Kit which includes non appropriative blends of ritually crafted incense to a full on Magickal Home Cleansing & Blessing Kit, made for both beginners and long time witches short on time to make all the magickal ingredients themselves. And here in my blog, I also have and will continue to, share a bit of my craft as I have learned it down through some 40 (-ish) years of practice and study, with you. With you. You who would be witches.  You who are witches and still studying, learning, adding to your store of knowledge and wisdom. I am a witch.

Be a witch. Start with any old candle and some essential oils and your need.  Grab a quartz point and some kitchen herbs.  Learn about magickal properties and energies.  Read some articles, get some books.  Utilize your intuition. If it feels good to you, join a coven or attend some public rituals.  Join a drum circle.  Dance ecstatically. Find out what kind of witch you are; what kind of witch you want to be. Pay attention.  Learn to see and feel the connections and study to understand them further.

So really, I want to know.

Do you want to be a witch?


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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