Let’s Talk About Dark Moon

In recent years, this ol’ witch has noticed a strong trend (at least in online pagan communities, blogs and articles) toward glossing over, if not eradicating the mention of Dark Moon.  More and more I’ve seen only posts about New Moon and bright blessings for new beginnings, (which is what actual New Moon is about), but NO mention of Dark Moon or Dark Moon mysteries.

Worse is it seems these new age pagans are calling the actual night of Dark Moon, the night when the moon is perfectly suspended between waning and waxing, New Moon.  What?

So I looked around a little (yes, google is my friend) and I discovered it’s not just witches doing this.  For some unknown reason, the original meaning of New Moon, which was the first visible crescent of the waxing moon visible in the night sky, slowly changed through popular usage among astronomers and ultimately to calendar makers, to the moment the Moon and Sun are in conjunction, which is the very middle of the Dark Moon period.  How weird is that?  So I’m thinking that an entire generation of self educated witches (those without the benefit of old school natural or initiated witches) have simply been led by the modern calendar to completely miss out on the mysteries of Dark Moon. Bummer!

Traditionally that 1.5 to 3 days when the moon isn’t visible in the night sky, when it’s reflecting no light from it’s fiery paramour, are the nights of the Dark Moon. These are nights to do some deep (and sometimes dark) magick and inner work.  These are the nights when witches delve into their shadow side to work.  Sometimes to root out darkness and other times to embrace it. To claim and honor the part of us that isn’t all light and sunshine and glitter and rainbows.  I have that side.  You have that side.

If it’s hurting you, if your pain and rage and anger are unfocused or turning inward in self harm or you’re acting out against people you love, Dark Moon is a time to embrace and love yourself back to balance.  It’s a good time to scream your rage and pain, your disgust and outrage to the moonless night and then send it to ground where Mama Earth will absorb and hold it for you.

Dark moon is also a good time to clear & cleanse, do banishings, protections and to remove hexes and curses.

For some of us it’s time to right a wrong or to protect ourselves, our loved ones or even unknown strangers.  It’s during the Dark Moon that I have stopped the mouths of gossips and liars, jinxed thieves, hexed abusers, and bound child molesters. Harm none, you say?  A witch that can’t hex, can’t heal, say I.  Know thy True Will and may it be so.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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