13 Ways to Manifest Abundance

Are you a Working Witch? An Unemployed Witch? An Urban witch? A Disabled Witch? A Homemaker Witch? A SAHM Witch? No matter which witch, you are surely among the millions who are feeling threatened despite He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named tweeting from his golden throne about how bigly great the American economy is doing. Most the folx I know would beg to differ.  Trade tariffs, bail outs, budget cuts. Robbing Peter (FEMA) to pay Paul (ICE).

Scary times.

Here in Thorne’s World things are much the same as ever. I bet that’s true for most of us small folx. We try to keep up with the world, but it always seems like if the world isn’t beating us down, it’s just going along doing its own thing. And we; we just keep doing what we can.  Right? Keep being frugal not only for our own budgets, but for our Mother Earth, as well.  Keep being frugal with her resources.  Keep being grateful and responsible.

And still, we struggle along on the verge of being broke.  Riding that razor edge between making it and having one small emergency send everything spiraling out of control. But while we rest there on that sharp sliver of steel, our needs are met. We have a roof over our heads, the power is still on and the internet bills get paid. (Hahaha!!) There are groceries in the pantry and meat in the freezer. I even got a fancy set of spoons from my daughter to use in my magickal workings. Those definitely fall under the category of wants, as opposed to needs, and if I get to enjoy a small want, it’s a bonus!

It’s that time of year when folx get a little tight, too.  Back to school shopping for the kids, followed by the harvest and magickal and commercial holidays through year’s end have folx tightening their budgets.  So, shop sales are down a little, which turns my thoughts to creating and manifesting abundance, so I thought to share those thoughts with you.

13 Ways to Manifest Abundance

1) Disengage. That’s right, disengage. Disengage from fear.  You know the power your minds hold and the power your words can manifest, so… step back. Living a magickal lifestyle encompasses so much more than Sabbats and Esbats; ritual and spells- incense and tarot cards. We witches say,

“As Above, so Below.”

Mind to heart to world. Spirit through heart to world. Desire and Will to Universe to world.

As Above, so Below.

Again, you know this, my friends.  The first thing you need to do to manifest abundance in your life is to disengage from the fear. Don’t believe that there isn’t enough to go around. There is enough food and money and work for everyone, if we but believe- no; insist that there is. This is called by some Abundance Thinking. There are a lot of folks out there that want to keep it all for themselves. They are happy if you are in fear and believe there’s not enough for you. There is enough. So do I say it, so mote it be.

2) Stop whining. I know times are tough. I get that you can barely make your payment on the house you bought that you couldn’t really afford; that your credit cards are maxed- but shut up about it, already. Get busy.  Make it work. Quit-cher-bitchin’! Remember: words are powerful. You are only adding to the negativity and fear.

3) Mind your words. Words are so powerful. They carry our Will and belief into a Universe that says “yes” and “yes” and “yes”. Into a Universe that says yes to our bad ideas just as readily as it says yes to our good thoughts. Check this out:

  • Holy crap, I’ll never make the mortgage this month!
  • I wonder where I can cut back so I can pay the mortgage on time?
  • I know I can make all my expenses this month with some effort.

Which one of those do you want the Universe to say yes to?

4) Practice Gratitude. Really. How often are you grateful for your health, your children, the roof over your head, your computer. If you are reading these words, chances are you are not homeless. You very likely know where your next meal will come from and you probably won’t be getting it out of a dumpster. Again; As above, so below. Speak, sing and dance your gratitude. Send your joy into the world and beyond to spiral back to you. Make a gratitude list every day. Remember that you are blessed!

5) Share what you have. Yep. You gotta give it away to get it. So you can’t go shopping for a new dress this month? Why not go through your closet and give someone else a dress that’s new to them? I bet they want a new dress as badly as you do! Why not organize a clothing or household swap/giveaway amongst your friends and neighbors? Have everyone get together their outsized or previously loved clothes and household items, have everyone bring a potluck dish and beverage and share your stuff? Community, sharing. Good stuff here. I bet if you think a little you know someone less fortunate even than you. Why not put together a care package for them and deliver it anonymously? If you don’t know someone who has even less than you, find someone.  It’s easy to do.  Drive down by any of the places that your local homeless folx live or hang out.  Visit a shelter or food kitchen. Share.

6) Plant a garden, or help at your community garden. Growing your own food gives one a sense of connectedness to the earth while cutting the grocery bill and providing good, healthy food for your family. Planting and tending to a garden is a sure fire way to tune into abundance! There are seed swaps and even free seeds all over the internet. If you can’t find some free seeds, let me know. I’ll send you some random seeds for a self addressed, stamped envelope (SASE). Or connect with friends and neighbors and buy a $3 pack of seeds each and share. You can share seeds, or each of you plant one crop and share the harvests. The larger your circle the more varied your garden. No space? Try container gardening.

7) Recycle. Good for the planet, good for your pocket. Got junk? Did you know that there are recycling places that will pay you for other things beyond the usual crv containers? Aluminum, steel, car batteries, copper wire…

8) Open the entertainment section of the paper, or google it; find free outings or think of some of your own. Isn’t there a park nearby that you have often thought of visiting? A botanical garden, perhaps? A scenic drive, walk or hike? How about doing a little wildcrafting? Research the indigenous herbs in your area, pack a snack or picnic lunch and go see what you can find! Connect with the earth and nature. Find wonder and gratitude in the bounty of Mother Earth!

9) Trim your budget. I know, it’s tough. Internet costs $xx, Cable TV $xx, Electricity $xx. Phone $xx, gas $xx… What do you really need? What can you sacrifice? (Our family just relenquishd  DTV for streaming services to save over $100 monthly.)  Many Libraries have free DVD’s that you can check out just like books! Have family story nights! Read to each other. Simple, no-cost fun. Good, connecting and intimate time with partner and/or family.

10) Watch your waste. (Not your waist- Hehehe) How much food do you discard? What sits in your fridge and rots? Do you eat leftovers or toss them? Do plates get eaten clean at dinner or scraped? Don’t put more on anyone’s plate than they’ll eat. Being aware of our food and what we have keeps us grateful. Being mindful of our waste puts things in perspective. Compost your vegetable waste (this includes coffee grounds and tea bags! Great for your garden!

11) Make a Prosperity Bottle for yourself or your family, or contact me  for a reasonably priced, custom made prosperity bottle that I will create just for you!

12) And share what abundance you may have with friends who may depend on your few dollars to support themselves.  I shop local and with folx I know who create and craft both items I need as well as those I want. This weekend I’ll be stopping to buy honey from a local beekeeper along with a couple of his little sugar sweet pumpkins for pie making.  Please do stop by my shop and see if I have anything you need, and share me with friends who might.  I’ll share some of my abundance with you in the form of a small thank you gift. And if you make and sell, or have a business to share, drop me a link in comments and I’ll add you to the blogroll here.

13) Practice Abundance thinking in whatever way seems best to you. Do a spell, burn a candle, say affirmations. Remember:

As Above, so Below.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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