Magickal Living – Autumn Abundance

Anybody need a little desert love? How about a grandwitch doing a pull up against a gorgeous desert sky?

I’ve been hearing whispers (and moans and groans), all over the place lately.  And no, I’m not talking about the ‘rona and awful people.  I’m talking about energy levels, anxiety and spiritual and magickal malaise.  Yes, the pandemic has been wearing us down for over a year now… nearly two, in fact, but I’m speaking to the fearful response to Solar flares and Libra season and Mercury retrograde, (oh my)!!

Now, I’m no astrologer, but retrograde planets have as many, and often even MOREpositive influences than negative. So, how about we all take a moment to breathe in all the goodness that our Mama and this Universe has to offer?

If you’re feeling specifically hinky in a particular area of your life, (for instance if you’re sadder or more emotional than usual, or if you seem to be having communication troubles), then take a minute to check out what the planets are actually doing and find a reliable source for interpreting that.  Otherwise, have a little cleansing, clear the air, take a magickal bath and let the stress or sadness flow down the drain.  Then do some recharging.  If that means lighting a candle and meditating, great.  If it means playing in the park or watering your garden or petting your cat… do that. And while you’re at it, do those actual, concrete things that will improve the situation.  If it’s a communication issue, be sure that you are communicating clearly, etc.  You get it.  As above, so below, right?

If you’re especially sensitive to the more difficult influences of this or any retrograde, pop on over to the shop and pick up a bottle of Magical Blend of Nine Retrograde Protection oil.

Here in Thorne’s World and Thorne’s Garden, life is good.  Mama Earth is giving up her bounty, even though she moved slowly over the hot summer.  This was a rough one with a cumulative month or so of temps over 110ºF.  We had one run of 2 straight weeks of it.  You know it’s bad when you sigh in relief and say, “I think it’s cooling down” then look at the thermometer and it’s 105ºF. Twice daily watering and shade cloth everywhere and my poor tomatoes still suffered. As the weather cooled down this year, the garden took off! This muskmelon weighed in at an humungous 8.5 lbs!  I’ve never seen anything like it!

This Pony Yellow stable hybrid watermelon was so sweet you could juice it for ambrosia and even the gods would delight. (Sorry, I forgot to grab a pic before I sliced it.  I was too excited to eat it!) Of course, I saved seeds for next year.  Although many hybrids aren’t a good choice for seed saving because they can revert back to a parent variety, stable hybrids were cross bred by dedicated farmers so long ago that they are stable and the seeds replicate perfectly.  Yum!

I’m grateful for this homeplace my grandfather bought in the 1960’s, and for our deep well of clean, clear water.  I’m finding my joy in growing things, in pollinating bees, in a little granddaughter who won’t eat store bought veggies on her dinner plate, but eats everything she can get her hands on in the garden, and in my grandenby who spends their hours designing and drawing when they’re not gaming with their bestie, Sabeen. I’m grateful for friends, old and new, who are helping to support me through my patreon and shop purchases.


Blessed be,


In Light and Shadow,


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