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White Copal Resin Incense

Ginger Spice Witch “Spicy”

I have now bought and tried several resins from Thornesworld and I’ve got to say that they are not only the best I have used, but you get more for your money too.
I have looked and unfortunately shopped many other sources and Thorneswoldarts is the best deal; hands down… Honest shipping prices; hard to find from many company’s in the US; Thanks Thorne! Also; Thanks so much for the free Smudgestick and the Powerful Magic that is behind your products; one of the main reasons I keep coming back; Your Knowledge and Power! Oh and love; lol 💗 Spicy_ “All Green Kitch Witches” FB Group

Auntie Thorne’s Winter Rub

Rowan (Q)

This is SO much better than that popular, national brand. My skin loves it, and my spirit loves the love packed into that little tin. The smell is amazing, and you can smell it without being over powered. <3

Bethany Amborn

This has completely replaced any other “mainstream” menthol rub in my house. My two littles love it when they are sick, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skinned baby at all.

Ginger Spice Witch; All Green Kitchen Witches FB Group

Love this stuff; helps with my breathing, for nasal and chest congestion.
It has a good smell; not over powering. My babe hasn’t even complained
like he does when I use the brands in the store. Shipping was speedy with excellent customer service.
Thanks so much Thorne!

Auntie Thorne’s Balm, Natural Organic Comfrey & Lavender Salve

Bethany Amborn

I bought this for my mom after hip replacement surgery, and she rubbed in on her large scar and sore hip for quite a few months. It brought some relief from the swelling and skin pain, especially during sleeping.

Cetandi Bolger

Ive used this balm for years now..originally for a deep scar caused by a dogbite, and now you cant even see the scar! Ive since, used it on many cuts and scrapes and sore joints.
It sometimes helps with pain, but REALLY speeds up healing and diminishes scarring very well…love it <3 and hate when I run out!

Auntie Thorne’s Skin Tin Body Butter Bar

Eve-Marie Hughes

Absolutely the BEST. With all of my allergies, I am able to use this. It worked wonders on my post-cast scaly skin, leaving it in better condition than it had been before the break. It works to soothe my stress dermatitis, too – better than the prescription cortisone cream. I keep extra tins on hand so I’m sure I don’t run out – as long as Auntie Thorne makes this, it will be part of my body care/medicine cabinet.

Bethany Amborn

I bought the peppermint and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Scented lotions are some of the worst on my allergies, and with these I finally get to put some yummy smelling moisturizer on my skin without getting a headache! They leave my skin nice and soft all day. I especially love these bars when traveling, because they are light weight and not a liquid!

Debra Pruett. “Spicy”

This Pepperrmint and Neroli Skin Tin Butter is the
best ever! It smells great and is so smooth feeling as it
melts on my feet; it makes them feel alive for a change!
It is very moisturizing and smells wonderful. I use in mainly on
my elbows and feet that were very dry; not any more. Now they are so soft; I love rubbing the botttom of one foot against the top of the other, to feel the softness.
Thanks for another Great Product Auntie Thorne!


General Shop and Product Reviews from Facebook

Noelle, March 11. 2019: Lovely products from an even lovelier woman! Recently purchased a bath kit and the bath salts smell so pretty and my skin feels soft after. Will definitely continue purchasing ❤️
Cassandra, Aug 19, 2018: so very kind.
Helpful and understanding.
important elements for one to have when helping.
Bonnie, June 17, 2018: I just received my Red Brick Dust and am looking forward to using it and seeing many more purchases come to me.
Michelle, July 21, 2018: Thank you for my pendant! It’s so cute! And very much needed! Thank you for the magic you make
Laree, January 27, 2019: the integrity of the Artist/Owner. Authentic materials and impeccable business practices.


Nina, Aug 28, 2018: I am very new to this site but the positive energy and products that are posted seem to be created with much love, care, and pure. I will be trying what I can as funds are available. It is good to find a page like this.