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Introduction to Sigil Magick Lesson Up

Greetings and felicitations, all you lovely people. Your monthly exclusive Patreon supporter magick lesson is up, and I think you’ll like this one a lot. Sigil magick is a creative way to turn your doodles into magick.  To send your will out into the ether to return and manifest in your life. Continue reading

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Introduction to Sigil Magick

Today I’m going to offer you three modern traditional ways to craft your sigils.  I’m using the term “modern traditional” to refer to magickal techniques put forth in the last couple of centuries, as opposed to the sorts of symbol and sigil magick that have been practiced by all cultures all over the world since the dawn of time. We’ll get into that along with ways to create very personal symbols and sigils utilizing that timeless iconography in a future lesson or lessons Continue reading

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Strange Days – Day 27

I’m going to start today with this photo out one of our spectacular sunsets, taken as I walked back from my little mommy’s house next door, a couple of days ago. That’s our little house that you can hardly see, … Continue reading

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Making Witches’ Bottles for Protection & Prosperity

Witches’ Bottles have been used for home and personal protection down through the ages by myriad cultures, in many forms and going by many different names. As I cover magick here in Thorne’s World, I probably won’t be spending a … Continue reading

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T-Shirt Diaper Tutorial

I’ve been making cloth diapers for my youngest granddaughter since she was newly born.  My daughter wanted to cloth diaper both to save money and the environment and it became my job to research and create.  There are a whole … Continue reading

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