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The Magick of Salt

Salt has been known for its many uses as, of course, a seasoning and preservative practically since the dawn of civilization as we understand it. It quickly became of such high value that not only were wars fought over it, but it was also used as currency. Consider that a person (worker) is “worth his salt”, an expression referring to a worker who worked hard for their wages. The word “salary” has its root in the Latin word for salt. Continue reading

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Thorne’s All Natural Bug Repellent

I decided to do something about these bugs that are bugging me. I made a couple of completely organic pest repellants. I guess they are natural pesticides, but I think for the most part they drive the bugs away as opposed to killing them. I made one for our bodies and one for the garden. They both work really well!
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13 Ways to Manifest Abundance

Are you a Working Witch? An Unemployed Witch? An Urban witch? A Disabled Witch? A Homemaker Witch? A SAHP Witch?

There’s so much going on in this big, wide world that affects us all.  No matter one’s political stance, we must admit that the ongoing pandemic has and continues to cause us all stress and discomfort in so many ways. Continue reading

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Making Spring Tonics to Banish the Winter Doldrums

Have you heard of Spring Tonics? Spring brings rebirth and renewal and this goes for us too, as part of the natural world. Both our outer worlds and our inner worlds are feeling the change and with a little help, we can awaken from our winter doldrums and burst into spring along with the plants and animals! Continue reading

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Sore & Scratchy Throat Remedy

We gotta do our magickal and natural herbal best to care for and treat ourselves.  Am I right? So on the table today is a delicious sore throat and cough remedy.  You’re likely to have most of these items in your kitchen already, so it’s fast and easy.

Herbed Honey Continue reading

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It’s Feeling Fall

As you can see, it’s time to chop down the sunflowers and save some seeds for munching as well as for sharing with the birds.  If you look up to the top right of the drooping sunflowers you’ll see a few small yellow flowers atop those tall, swaying stalks…
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Summer Herb Recipe: Super Psonic Psychic Tonic

High summer and the garden is rockin’! Everything is in bloom. Over in the Western flower and herb bed things have gotten wild. It almost looks like everything there is trying to outdo the other plants. Some mad contest in … Continue reading

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Allergies, Colds and Flus, Oh My! Herbed Honey

It’s that time of year.  For all of us here in Thornesworld, the allergies kick in first.  As Autumn begins to dry plants to drop leaves for the winter to come, a lot of plants flower and make their last … Continue reading

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Composting in Thornesworld

We had one of our rare snows this winter in February.  They happen about once every four years or so and the snow doesn’t usually stick for long.  This time we had a fun 6 inches or so, but it … Continue reading

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