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The Magick of Salt

Salt has been known for its many uses as, of course, a seasoning and preservative practically since the dawn of civilization as we understand it. It quickly became of such high value that not only were wars fought over it, but it was also used as currency. Consider that a person (worker) is “worth his salt”, an expression referring to a worker who worked hard for their wages. The word “salary” has its root in the Latin word for salt. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Dark Moon

It’s Dark Moon and I’m feeling the pull of that darkness.  Tonight I’ll burn the leftovers of all the spell work I’ve done this month for myself, my family and friends and my clients and shop. This will include paper petitions, dried herb  sprinklings… Continue reading

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Resin Incense Correspondences

I was just thinking that some of you may not have seen this post I wrote on Resin Incense Correspondences.  I hope you find it useful. You can find these and more offered in my shop, here. Blessings in light … Continue reading

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