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Allergies, Colds and Flus, Oh My! Herbed Honey

It’s that time of year.  For all of us here in Thornesworld, the allergies kick in first.  As Autumn begins to dry plants to drop leaves for the winter to come, a lot of plants flower and make their last … Continue reading

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A Taste of Summer Magick

Mmmm… I love all the flavors and scents of summer, don’t you? Here in the arid desert, just watering my rosemary, mint or creosote in the garden is a heady experience. And for this witch, the scent and flavor of … Continue reading

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Resin Incense Magical Correspondences

Resins are plant and tree saps that either bleed naturally from their organic sources forming beads or tears, or are extracted in some way and come in peas.  There are a lot of commercial and practical uses of resins, ranging … Continue reading

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Thorne’s Natural Bug Repellent

I hate poisons and pesticides, and it’s that time of year here in Thornesworld. Bugs, bugs and more bugs. You might remember that here in my desert home we have some big, scary bugs like scorpions and of course spiders … Continue reading

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First Dibs Friday – Moon Phase Bath Salts & Sweet Blessings

This week’s First Dibs Offer is for my ritually crafted and blended, Full Moon and Dark Moon Bath Salts.  4 ounces of skin softening, scented magick for your bath.  Luxuriate in my blend of 3 Solar dried Pacific Sea Salt, … Continue reading

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It’s Elemental! – First Dibs Friday

Do you use elemental candles, colors and oils in your rituals and circles?  I do, when I’m doing a full on ritual, like for esbats or on the rare occasion that I work with others.  I go full ritual for … Continue reading

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Uncommon Uses for 9 Common Kitchen Herbs

Witches and wise women and men the world round and since the dawn of time have used what is native and handy to them.  In today’s world we have access to herbs and spices, plants and fruits from areas far … Continue reading

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