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Wild GirlsWelcome to Thorne’s World!
Here in our desert home we practice living in a good way on the earth, and we live what we like to call a “magickal lifestyle”.

We grow and ritually harvest many items that we then offer to you, our magickal friends, as well as ritually and responsibly wild harvest the bounty that our desert mother offers.

We ritually craft a wide array of magickal items such as our spell powders and components, bath salts, witches bottles and hand crafted tools and spell kits. We also carry the best selling and well loved Magickal Blend of Nine magical purpose, planetary & astrological oils. These oils are made from the finest natural ingredients and are ritually formulated and hand poured.

We hope you will find what you want, and more importantly that which you truly need, here in Thorne’s World. If you don’t see something you can’t live without, let me know and we’ll do our best to custom craft it for you!
Check back often and enjoy your visit!

Stop by the blog and find magickal information, DIYs, herbal and gardening info and more. Leave me a comment to say hi and if you find articles and products that you love, please share with the handy little buttons!

Blessed be,

In Light and Shadow






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