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Uncommon Uses for 9 Common Kitchen Herbs

Witches and wise women and men the world round and since the dawn of time have used what is native and handy to them.  In today’s world we have access to herbs and spices, plants and fruits from areas far … Continue reading

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Making Witches’ Bottles for Protection & Prosperity

Witches’ Bottles have been used for home and personal protection down through the ages by myriad cultures, in many forms and going by many different names. As I cover magick here in Thorne’s World, I probably won’t be spending a … Continue reading

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Dodder the Lovely Lady’s Laces

From the moment this delicate yet persistent little vine showed up in my flower boat a few years ago, I was intrigued. It seemed like some sort of parasite, but like many such, it didn’t seem to harm the plants … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Dark Moon

In recent years, this ol’ witch has noticed a strong trend (at least in online pagan communities, blogs and articles) toward glossing over, if not eradicating the mention of Dark Moon.  More and more I’ve seen only posts about New … Continue reading

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Recycling As an Act of Magick

In my little “about me”, I say that we try to “live in a good way on the earth” and that we “live a magickal lifestyle”.  I’ll be coming back to this concept time and again in my posts, because … Continue reading

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First Harvest- A Happy and Blessed Lammas to You

Lammas, Lughnasadh, First Harvest.  That’s today, August first, here in the Northern hemisphere. It’s one of the four cross quarter days that fall midway between each set of solstices and equinoxes on the wheel of the year. I’m not Wiccan, … Continue reading

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